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Digieffects Delirium

By Digieffects
Plugin for:
FinalCut, AfterEffect, Premiere Plugin available for Macintosh Plugin available for Windows 
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These particle effects enhanced with built-in turbulence processing to create realistic imagery without resorting to complex 3D programs.
Many of the plug-ins AutoAnimate™, meaning that many of the plug-ins will begin to animate as soon as they are applied to an image, meaning you no longer have to tweak parameters to get quick results.

All plug-ins can save, load and modify presets. No need to navigate to find a preset - just click the pop-up! Each plug-in has several presets to get you started quickly.FireWorks creates amazing pyrotechnic displays automatically – it’s an AutoAnimate plug-in. It can create spectacular spherical explosions complete with sparkly trails quickly and easily.


Included with Delirium are 40 visual effects:

BlurZone, Bubbles, Camera Shake, Channel Delay, COP Blur, Day for Night, Electrical Arcs, Fairy Dust, Film Flash, Fire, FireWorks, Flicker and Strobe, Flow Motion, Fog Factory, Framing Gradients, Glower, Grayscaler, HLS Displace, HyperHarmonizer, Lens Flares, LooseSprockets, MultiGradient, Muzzle Flash, Nexus, Puffy Clouds, RainFall, Retinal Bloom, Schematic Grids, ShowChannel, Sketchist, Smoke, SnowStorm, Solarize, Sparks, Specular Lighting, Thermograph, Turbulent Noise, VideoMalfunction, Visual Harmonizer, Wave Displace

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